White Devils

Jean Rhys: 1890–1979
Charles W. Blackburne, Dr. Doty and friends in Old Market Street, Roseau, Dominica between 1897–1912
Jean Rhys in Convent uniform with ? Pinterest
Jean Rhys c.1930s, the writing decade. She always looked ten or fifteen years younger than her age. University of Tulsa
Ford Madox Ford and James Joyce, 1924
Jean Rhys, c.1940s
A picture postcard from c.1910, the “paradise” Jean Rhys left behind.
Paul Joyce, Jean Rhys, July 1977, at 87



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Lucy Gray

Lucy Gray


Top Writer: Photography. I know you are looking. Have a look with me. I will say what I want about photographs and our culture as long as it’s thought through.