Andy Warhol and the Photo Factory

Fotografiska New York at night near Halloween 2021 (by the author).
John, Julia, Andy Warhola, c.1930, unknown photographer, Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh
John, Andy, Paul Warhola, near their home on Dawson Street, Pittsburgh, 1942, Carnegie Museum 1914
Edie Sedgwick and Skip (Bima) Stagg, 1965, Andy Warhol, Clip from Screentest for “Beauty 1”, Fotografiska 2021 (by the author)
“Stitches” photograph, Andy Warhol, 1987. Fotografiska 2021 (by the author)
Close-up, Stitches image, Andy Warhol, 1987 Fotografiska 2021 (by the author)
Andy Warhol’s surgical scars and the corset that he wore to support his abdomen after Solanas shot him in 1968, puncturing his stomach, liver, spleen, esophagus and lungs. David Montgomery/Getty Images, [The New York Times, June 26, 2020]



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Lucy Gray

Lucy Gray


Top Writer: Photography. I know you are looking. Have a look with me. I will say what I want about photographs and our culture as long as it’s thought through.